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Swing Gate General Function
- Apr 06, 2017 -

1 fault self-test and alarm function to facilitate user maintenance and use;
2 through the main control board the built-in small press disc, programmable equipment operation state;
3 mechanical structure, induction dual-clamping function, in the swing arm reset process in the case of blocking, automatically stops or in the default time of the motor stop work, the default delay after the reset (until reset), and the intensity is very small (≤ 2Kg);
4 Sound, light alarm function: including illegal intrusion, trailing alarm;
5 The anti-punching function, when not receiving the gate signal, the swing arm automatically locks dead;
6 Swing Lever (arm) synchronous function;
7 Automatic reset function, after the gate opening, in the prescribed time not passage, the system will automatically cancel the user's access to the right, the standard for the open 5 seconds automatically reset;
8 after the power of the passage is open automatically, the electric power is closed automatically;
9 can be connected with a variety of reading card equipment, receive relay switch signal work;
10 can be one-way or two-way control personnel in and out;
11. Remote control and management can be achieved directly through the management computer.