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Standard For Installation Of Electric Doors
- Apr 06, 2017 -

1. The quality and performance of electric doors shall conform to the design requirements. Test method: Inspect production license, product certificate and performance test report.
2. Electric door varieties, types, specifications, dimensions, opening direction, installation location and anti-corrosion treatment should meet the design requirements. Inspection methods: Observation, ruler Check, check entry and acceptance record and covert project acceptance record
3. Electric doors with a mechanical device, an automatic device or an intelligent device, the function of an automatic device or an intelligentized device shall conform to the requirements of design and related standards. Test method: Start mechanical device, automatic device or intellectualized device, observe.
4. Electric doors must be installed firmly. The number, location, buried way, and the connection of the box must conform to the design requirements. Inspection method: observation; hand-wrench inspection;
5. Electric door fittings should be complete, position should be correct, installation should be firmly, function should meet the requirements of use and automatic doors of the performance requirements. Inspection methods: Observation, hand check, inspection of product certificate, performance test report and entry acceptance record.

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