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Speed Of Development Of Intelligent Channel Gates
- Apr 06, 2017 -

With the increasing awareness of the security of people, intelligent channel brake with development, in recent years, China's intelligent channel brake development speed is also more and faster, in schools, community, parking, office buildings and other places have important applications, now the intelligent channel gates are increasingly intelligent, card recognition, fingerprint identification, face recognition, a step than the advanced intelligent, can be based on different places to choose.
The current application of a wide range of intelligent channel brakes include: Wing gates, three roller gates, swing gate and so on, wing gates generally suitable for rapid passage of large traffic places, such as the subway; three roller gates are suitable for the environment is worse, and the people are not too much, the general site commonly used this; swing gate is suitable for the bicycle garage and pedestrian channel that, the width is bigger.
Intelligent Channel gate to a certain extent greatly improve the efficiency, to our life has brought convenience, brought security, smart channel gates have many advantages of economic practicality, security, technical advanced, can be 24 hours continuous work.