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Introduction Of Three Roller Gates Classification
- Apr 06, 2017 -

At present, the main domestic three roller brakes are classified as: automatic three-roller brake, semi-automatic three-roller and manual three-roller brakes.
Automatic three-roller gate: Also known as the three-roller brake, the configuration of a motor, the full operation of the motor driven by the completion of the power at the same time by the motor drive brake rod rotation, the realization of power automatic rod, very convenient to use.
Semi-automatic three-roller brake: Configure a motor or two electromagnet, control into the lock and out to the lock, authorized passage, the electromagnet drive unlock arm unlock, releasing the brake lever can be one-way rotation, the user can push the brake lever through the passage. Semi-automatic three-roller design anti-inversion function, can effectively prevent pedestrians retrograde.
Manual three-roller gates: pure machinery without any electrical equipment configuration, the user simply by hand gently push the brake lever, can pass through the passage, without credit card, automatic positioning, reset system, control unilaterally to free passage, the other direction of the lock to prohibit passage.