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How To Buy Automatic Doors?
- Apr 06, 2017 -

According to the installation of the automatic door environment and requirements, consider the choice of automatic door configuration.
1 The selection of sensors: in high-grade hotels, office buildings, you can choose a high sensitivity sensors, the sidewalk on the side of the bank, shops and so on often people pass by, select a narrow area of sensors.
2 Safety Auxiliary equipment: in high-grade hotels and other places need to eliminate the automatic door clamp event, you can choose to install the anti-clip infrared sensors.
3 Install access control system and electric locks: installing automatic doors in self-service bank can increase the installation of Self-Service bank access system, and install electric locks, so as to realize the controlling of entrance and exit doors.
4 equipped with backup power supply: To ensure that the automatic doors can also work properly when power outages, can be equipped with backup power supply.