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Specification for acceptance of rotating doors
- Apr 06, 2017 -

The basic project of the rotary door acceptance must be noticed in three respects:
1. The surface quality of rotary doors meets the following two requirements:
A. Qualify. This means that when the door is inspected, the surface of the rotating door should be clean, the color is consistent, no pollution, no damage scratches, no apparent warping, and ensure the upper and lower seam uniformity.
B. Good. In the basic requirements of qualified, rotating doors also to show beautiful, the great degree to achieve the perfect fusion of buildings.
2. Rotary door installation To achieve the overall good, no loose effect, and the transfer fan plane angle evenly divided basically, rotating briskly no noise, the circular arc margin to ensure that the rotation fan can be evenly stopped at any angle.
3. Enclosed strip installation shall conform to the following requirements:
A. Qualified and excellent. This means that the installation location to be accurate, firmly, the seal of the strip is better, the exposed width to uniform.
B. The closure strip of the installation is good, can use the observation method and the ruler quantity (angle ruler) Check method to detect, should be noticed that if the installation master is not experienced particularly rich, preferably not to use the observation method to measure.