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Sensor Turnstile Gate for Entrance and Exit System
- Jul 19, 2017 -

Basic Info

  • Model NO.: AX

  • Application: Access Control System

  • Type: Swing Gate

  • Communication Interface: RS485, TCP/IP

  • Transport Package: Carton/Wooden Package

  • Origin: China

  • Sensing Method: Electric

  • Movement: Double Movement

  • Control Mode: Automatic

  • Specification: 1500*180*1025mm

Product Description

The turnstile gate is applied to the places of high-level security and effective management of a higher traffic flow. it is a middle and high level security turnstile gate with international modern design concept, developed by Hantech based on an experienced technical team. Combining swayed door wing, delicate and light appearance design with the transparent, simple and fashion>it uses the authorized mode to control the entry and exit of the pedestrian. The passenger puts the authorized card close to the card reader, the built-in card reader will release information to the control system, while it gets the authorization, then starts door module unit, the door on both sides of turnstile gate will open to make the pedestrian pass.  Our turnstile gate is a discourage-type lane, which supports unidirectional or bidirectional access. With up to 24 pairs of IR sensors, the gate ensures one person, one card, high-efficient anti-tailgating, long service life and almost no noise, realizing perfect authorized access control.
Detection Sensor

The special infrared detection is used, the sensor points are up to 24 pairs, divided into the transmitting terminal and the receiving terminal, installed on both sides of the turnstile gate, at the height of knees and waist, preventing unauthorized passing through different positions and height, when invasion or inadvertent intrusion, it will cause automatic alarm or close the door(can be customized).
Door Module and Control Unit

The control unit, self-developed by our company, is mainly use for controlling the whole process of the turnstile gate such as the switch of the door unit, the infrared signal handling and the status of the indicator light etc.
The brushless dc servo motor, high-speed DSP chip, special coded disk, and speed reducer are used by the door module unit, showing S- shaped curve mode, thus, the door unit moves faster, more stable and more accurate, at the same time, supporting the user settings for the door running speed, position and other parameters etc. Its interface supports CAN bus, RS485 bus and digital I/O direct control etc, so as to input the corresponding product and the system for customers secondly.
Control  Mode
The system has four working modes:emergency mode, maintenance mode, Normally closed mode, Normally open mode.
Please see the details for each mode as follows:
Emergency mode:when the system is in the state of emergency, mainly use for handling contingencies.
Maintenance mode:when the system is in the state of maintenance, mainly use for cleaning and maintaining of  the gate.
Normally closed mode:When no people pass, the doors of the gate are closed.
Normally open mode:When people pass, the doors of the gate are open.
Remarks: Emergency mode and maintenance mode are independent access process, normally open mode and normally closed mode are combined mode, working with nine kinds of access mode, then come into the final access control.
Alarm under the following conditions:

Unauthorized passing- the person has no valid authorized card.
Reverse Passing - when the door opens, the person walks in the opposite direction.
Tailgating - when one person is authorized to pass, another follows by the front one into the lane.
Fire Alarm

When the input signal of fire alarm is triggered, the gate door opens automatically. when power off, the gate is in free mode, the door can be opened manually.
Indicator Light

Equipped with LED indicator,it is showing passing status, the indicator installed in the right hand side of the gate is visible clearly.
When LED is green, it means valid certificate, can pass.
When LED is red, it means invalid certificate, can't pass.  


CBD business center,government-enterprise office building,financial institution, R&D center and airport etc.

Product Dimension1500mm*180mm*1025mm(L*W*H)
Lane FrameGB 2.0/1.5mm thickness, brushed satin 304 stainless steel, 10mm thickness tempered glass
Lane Width550mm~1100mm(customized)
Motor DriveBrushless DC servo motor
Detection TechnologySensor detection,sensor point 24 pair,anti-tailgating distance 50mm 
Service Life>5,000,000 cycle
MTBF>2,000,000 cycle
Traffic Flow Capacity20~60 person/min
Communication InterfaceTCP/IP,RS232,RS485,I/O,CAN bus
Function ExtensionSupport the following devices: IC/ID card reader, ID reader, barcode reader, cardback, door wing material can be optional