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Self service shopping mall with swing turnstile with QR code scan access control system.
- Jul 18, 2017 -

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In July,The first real self-service shopping mall was open in Zhejiang by Alibaba.

People not need to wait to pay the bill,Just need to scan your Alipay code on the Automatic

Swing Turnstile,the gate will open,and you can go into the mall and take the goods you need,

Food,Drink and other things,then leave,not need to wait in line to pay the bill.

When you pass the scan door,all the things will be recognized automatic with the code marked,and it

will auto count and pay with your alipay software and offer payment bill for your reference even not need 

to take out your phone or wallet.

This is the first real self serivice shopping even all over the world,not sales girl,not cash and not cashier

Only you need is your phone with Alipay.Of course you need to Bond with your credit card to Alipay.

If you have any interest in our turnstile gate,welcome to contact us.