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Principle of choice of wing gates
- Apr 06, 2017 -

Applicability: In the choice of the optional wing gates, as long as the basis of their own situation to choose, the real right is the best, not to say that the more expensive the more appropriate, the environment and management requirements determine how to choose.
Cost-effective: Suitable for installation of the passage, but also beautiful affordable, is not better? The performance of the material and the movement is the two important factors that determine the wing brake, when purchasing the wing brake need to be well understood, as far as possible to choose cost-effective products.
Installation environment: The wing gates has many styles used in specific occasions, for example, the prison wing brakes, on the basis of customer installations, such as some enterprises or supermarket park imports, considering that some workers may have to cross the bicycle (swing gate) class, wing gates need to be customized (or consider the use of a wide channel of the Pendulum gate ban).
Style: The wing gate has a more forbidden style compared with oblique wing brake, round wing brake, angle wing brake, etc. Of course, also can non-standard custom-made wing brake and so on, there are some special style, such as full-height wing brake, rail transit initiative, prison wing Gates, the various styles of wing gates, so that people dazzled, at this time the main concern is to consider cost-effective and applicability of the two aspects.
Aesthetics: Like some hotels, government agencies and other occasions to contrast high level, it needs to take into account the appearance of the Gateway gate, this is not only the image of the problem, but also give people the psychological feeling, so aesthetic is not negligible.