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Fence Revolving door function
- Apr 06, 2017 -

This rotary door has the fault self-test function, there is a lot of work mode can be selected, can read the two-way card flow, but also read cards, the other side to the forbidden line, while reading cards, the other side to free passage, with the two-way free power, the power of automatic recovery locking function, so as to ensure the rapid organization of emergency evacuation.
When reading a valid card, after the pedestrian enters the turnstile can only gently push forward, automatic reset, two-way traffic, four doors are always shut down, rotating the door every time the 90 degrees.
Adopting a unique transmission system, so that the lock in the zero position, the unlock more accurate, reliable, with a unified, standard external electrical interface, can be linked to a variety of reading and writing equipment, easy to integrate system, and can be managed by computer remote control and management.
And also has the automatic reset function, when read the valid card, the person in the prescribed time is not passable, the system will automatically cancel the passage of the user's privileges, and the limit of time can be set by the management.