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Automatic Door Machine composition
- Apr 06, 2017 -

1. Master controller: It is the command center of the automatic door, through the internal series of large-scale integration block of instruction program, send the corresponding directive, command motor or electric lock type system work
2. Induction detectors: Responsible for collecting external signals, as people's eyes, when moving objects into its scope of work, it gives the main controller a pulse signal;
3. Power Motors: Provide the main power to open doors and shut doors, control the acceleration and deceleration of doors.
4. Door leaf Track: Just like the railroad tracks, restricting the hanging of the doors to the wheel system, so that it travels in a specific direction.
5. Door Hanging tool pulley system: for hanging activities doors, at the same time in the driving force driven by the operation of the doors.
6. Synchronous Belt (Some manufacturers use V-belts): Used for transmission motor driving force, traction doors hanging wheel system.
7. The lower guide system: The bottom of the door of the guiding and positioning device to prevent the doors in the operation at the front and rear of the body swing.