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Analysis on the forbidden application of campus wing gates
- Apr 06, 2017 -

The society is constantly developing, the campus digitization, the informationization construction also gradually obtains the enhancement, along with the wing Gate Prohibition consummation, the campus wing gate already is everywhere, below us to chat a chat wing sluice application in the campus which aspect is need attention.
1th, it needs to record the students ' school time, convenient to manage, and easy to draw the responsibility of accidents;
Second, the wing gate ban machine has the anti-submarine back, the anti-trailing function, effectively eliminates the foreign personnel enters, guarantees the student life, the property security;
The third is to control students ' access time, standardize the students ' rest;
The 4th is that the wing gate can enhance the campus image;
The fifth is to prevent the perpetrators of the rogue from entering the campus to harm the students who have no counter-attack.