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Analysis of Intelligent Parking system
- Apr 06, 2017 -

Intelligent parking system is based on modern electronic and information technology, in the parking area of the entrance to the installation of automatic identification device, through non-contact card or license plate recognition to the area of the vehicle to the implementation of judgment and identification, access/rejection, guidance, record, charge, release and other intelligent management, the purpose is to effectively control the access of vehicles and personnel, record all detailed information and automatically calculate the toll, to achieve the safety of vehicles and charges in the field management.
TF1 external integration, mainly focusing on all traditional car park equipment in one, such as Automatic road gates, entrance ballot boxes, toll collection equipment, IC card sale equipment, license plate/Portrait identification equipment, dual SIM equipment, residual display equipment, remote/near/Close reading card equipment, box equipment and so on the system centralized way, concentrated on the charging booth.